About Us

MOASC’s goal is to advance and protect the ability of cancer patients to obtain, and the ability of the oncology physicians to provide, optimal cancer care.  MOASC has represented more than 400 oncologists in California and neighboring states. MOASC is here to support oncologists and their ability to provide care whether it be in the private practice, academic or institutional setting.

We are doing everything within our power to ensure that oncologists survive the turbulent times we are living in, by being the source of valuable information through the weekly newsletter the California Oncology Weekly, monthly webinars, meetings, certification courses, and practice management consulting. MOASC strives to continue to succeed in ensuring continued access to care, thereby assuring greater access to oncology treatments for the cancer patient.


Ashkan Lashkari, M.D.
Lawrence Piro, M.D.
Vice President
Joshua Mansour, M.D.
Kevin Chang, MD

Board of Directors

Edward Alexson, M.D.
Board of Directors
Mary Cianfrocca, D.O., MBA, FACP
Board of Directors
Warren Fong, M.D.
Board of Directors, Immediate Past President
Robert Moss, M.D.
Chairman of the Board
Anthony Nguyen, M.D.
Board of Directors
Stavroula “Stevie” Otis, M.D.
Board of Directors
Vu Phan, M.D.
Board of Directors
Ravi Patel, M.D.
Board of Directors
Cary Presant, M.D.
Emeritus Chairman of the Board
Michael Schlutz, M.D.
Board of Directors
Kathy Seymour, OCN
Nurse Representative
Sabina Wallach, M.D.
Board of Directors
Jason Zell, DO, MPH
Board of Directors, Fellows Coordinator



The staff at the Medical Oncology Association of Southern California has extensive experience in the medical field, providing a solid foundation on which the company has been able to grow and expand. Our goal is to meet the ever-changing needs of the medical practice community and preserve patient’s access to care while enabling the physician to practice medicine in a financially sound a stable environment.

Our office has cumulatively over fifty years of experience in practice and accounts receivable management. Your manager, billers, and staff have many questions on a daily basis about accounting, contracting, human resources, billing procedures, the legal ramifications of billing and collections and the list goes on. We are here as your resource for questions concerning practice management, legislative issues, coding, billing, reimbursement and everything else in between.

Nichole A. East, CAE
Executive Director
Wendy S. Alfaro
Administrative Assistant